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As a family that has personally experienced the consequences of joint ailments, we at Whole Life Herbs are passionate about bringing you the best natural joint care supplement to date- Joint Aid. The herbal blend found in our product originates in ancient Chinese therapy and is a 100% natural herbal supplement that does not contain glucosamine. Not only does Joint Aid assist in the relief of joint ailments, but it also provides many other health benefits such as increased blood circulation. Our desire is that you will experience and enjoy the benefits of Joint Aid as much as we have!

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About the Founder- Craig

Since my early twenties, I have been passionate about taking care of my physical health so that I may live my life as wholly as possible. Many of the practices I incorporate into my daily routine have been inspired by my travels in Asia and the lifestyle I have witnessed there, such as clean eating, exercise, and herbal remedies- the latter being the focus of our product, Joint Aid.

Several years ago, my wife began showing early signs of arthritis in one of her fingers- a medical issue that we watched develop over the years in her mother and grandfather. On one of my trips to Asia, I stumbled across Joint Aid and decided to bring some back for my wife to try. Within a few weeks of taking Joint Aid, her pain was gone and her finger returned back to its natural shape.

After witnessing the effectiveness of this product with my own eyes, I began to wonder about how many other people’s lives could be changed by Joint Aid. I offered it to family members and friends who suffered from various joint ailments, and it was only a matter of a few weeks before I heard back from them about how the complications associated with their joint problems had diminished or been completely resolved. The normal everyday life activities that had been painful and restricting were now simple to perform. So I decided to bring Joint Aid to the States because I believe it’s a product that should be shared with as many people as I can reach. Joint Aid is not just about relieving joint pain like glucosamine does or preventing further deterioration- it’s about eliminating the problem altogether so that you may live a Whole Life again without limitations or restrictions.

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